About Air Cadets

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Founded in 1984, 379 Glengarry Mustangs Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron is a programme for youth aged 12-18 in the Alexandria and North Glengarry Area. Being one of over 450 Squadrons across canada, the Canadian Cadet Programme is the largest federally sponsored youth program in Canada! Further information can be found here

379 Squadron meets weekly (through the school year) on Tuesday nights at Glengarry District High School. There is no cost to join! During this time, Cadets take participate in a multitude of activities. In the summer months, cadets have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of Summer Training Courses. When a cadet reaches 16 years old, a cadet can apply the skills learned at the Local Headquarters by Summer Employment at the cadet training centers

Why Join 379 Air Cadets?

Being part of a Air Cadet Squadron can be a life-changing experience for the young person. Opportunities to learn not only about Canada’s military, the history of flight, and earning rank and privileges based on merit, but the young person will also enjoy the challenges of survival weekends, leadership training, and the formation of lasting friendships with like-minded people.

Aims of the Air Cadet Programme:

  • To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership
  • To promote physical fitness
  • To stimulate an interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces

Cadets are in no form members of the Canadian Forces,nor are they  ever expected to join! The goal of cadets is not to recruit but to assist in developing youth to become better citizens of Canada. Cadets gain valuable teamwork, leadership, organizational and time management skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. If they so choose to join the Canadian Forces as a part-time job or career, they will do so having already gained many valuable skills through the cadet programme

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